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Engagement Model

AAILEngagement Model

What is Lean Agile Model?

Often Management at start-up, small and medium companies want to develop innovative business solutions using open source technologies and cloud infrastructure.  But finding employees with the skill set from emerging technologies, multiple technology skill set and passion for working with tight budgets and deliverable timelines is a tough task.

If you say “yes” to any of the following then do definitely like our Lean-Agile Model.

  • You want your employees to be multi-skilled so that you can assign tasks from either development or operations.
  • You want your employees to be a master in emerging open source skill sets.
  • As startups, you want to digitalize the business process under your tight budget / deliberate timelines.
  • You want to try (Proof of concept) and mature certain technologies before you commit your development efforts. But not finding enough skilled resources in-house or time to do it.
  • You want to maintain your existing production business process so that you can focus coming up with new business offering to your clients.

Over the years, outsourcing is an approach to address skill gap and budgetary constraints.  But there are challenges in dealing, without a sourcing provider is a complex process and procedures they follow and they usually work for fat budget contracts only.

This is when Aadhya Analytics Lean Agile Model approach comes in. We not only provide highly agile skill set engineers but also provide agileness in picking 5 engineers from any one or multiple offered services of our portfolio. Also, you can change them as per your requirements for the same agreed budget.

For example, you may start with all Mobile Application developers for some sprints, then you may want a couple of resources to work on cloud infrastructure or database administration or Big data technologies for same sprints, then you want all  resources to focus on the mobile app. You can do all these activities under same budget and deliverable timelines.

We also provide flexibility in choosing work time zones comfortable to you. We can meet all these demands using our unique on-shore /offshore model.  This is how our model starts;

  1. Assessment of business objectives or current problems and technology choices available to address them.
  2. Agree on technology choices identified and resource skills.
  3. Plan onshore / offshore model.
  4. Build, Test, perfect the solution and deploy it.
  5. Then maintain production operations or take up  new tasks.

Build, Test Solution and Deploy

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