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Big Data Analytics Technology Predictions for 2016

AAILNewsBig Data Analytics Technology Predictions for 2016



January 13 , 2016 | Posted by rama | No Comments

Big Data Analytics Technology Predictions for 2016

Big data analytics is likely to provide a superior level of efficiency for the enterprises of all sizes. Specialists from across the big data differ in their views for 2016. Big data cloud services are likely to play a backbone role for the Internet of Things (IoT). Improving cloud services would feed data it into big data analytics and algorithms to make use of it. Highly secure IoT cloud services help different industries to produce new products based on the analytics without human intervention. It can be seen that real-time data streams will transform what is better across the Industrial Internet. Industries will be hugely impacted by the ability to analyze real-time and historical data together to make proactive decisions at a rapid pace. Ahead, more devices, agents, sensors, and people are likely to join the IoT.

Algorithm apps are likely to emerge for applying big data analysis over tons of information created by the IoT. Capturing the data, analyzing the data, and improving would become keys to success. It helps customers consume products and enables businesses build better products and deliver better services. It looks like, in 2016, the IoT will continue to combine big data, analytics, the cloud, artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation to drive industries forward. Many companies are likely to get on the machine-learning bandwagon.

But without the right people and knowledge, many won’t do it. Getting more difficult to discover data scientists to mine the rapidly growing volumes of data for business insights, companies will look to avail autonomous services for machine learning. Offers like Azure ML Studio from Microsoft, the Google Prediction API, Amazon Machine Learning, and IBM’s Watson Analytics helping make machine learning more convenient. Technology which can convert the future ideas into more manageable practical applications and use them across the operations will achieve the greatest return on their investment. Technologists are likely to shift their attention from big data to machine learning and providing proactive insights.

In 2016, Cloud continues to mature and likely to see adoption by large companies that earlier never considered it. Analytics and cognitive capabilities will emerge as companies look at their big data for new insights. IoT will continue to grow as new devices are frequently released, due to this and IOT device makers likely to search for a solution on the amount of data being collected which needs to safeguard. Customer demand for flash will cut down its cost, and flash deployments in big data will start to deploy. Mobile applications are likely to be more fast, responsive, and reliable to meet user expectations. To meet these demands, mobile developers are likely to build apps for the worst-case scenario – guaranteeing an ideal mobile experience. 2016 will be the year that the big data as businesses likely to expect more real results from their big data spend. Since insights are helpful only when you can get answers to the right questions quickly and from relevant data sets.

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